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This album was written and recorded by Steve & Brett from 2007-2009 in Morton, Germantown Hills, and Chicago, Illinois.


released July 12, 2009


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Penpal Chicago, Illinois

Penpal was a band from Illinois from 2008-2010.

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Track Name: Times & Dates
you're keeping track.
the notes I can't hit, times and dates I forget
Track Name: What Happened When
If we lay still and let old feelings thaw
before i lay my head in a new place:
memories of warm days rediscovered then missed.

Empty pages won't see the light of a resolution.
Lose track of what happened when.
Ill lay my head in a new place
with the river between me and the city lights.
Track Name: Plains, Trains, Places & People
I'll take what i need, you take all you can from me.
i'll lie still when my mind won't.

sometimes at night i hear the train,
sometimes i hear the ocean.

new days, i'm feeling the same way about the same people.
Track Name: Two By Two
We say the same things in different ways.
It's the kind of bruise big enough for two bodies.

Two by two, too many goodbyes.

We couldn't fake who we were long enough to see what could happen between us.
Track Name: Aviary
Stick it out, stick-in-the-mud on our shoes and our legs;
yours long, and mine restless.

Birds woke me up this morning.
they said "hey, you slept past seven today"
you and me inside the aviary.
Track Name: You Your Me Mine We Wine
Your points seem disjoint to me,
and so do mine,
and so do we.
Track Name: The Year Before TJ Got a Blazer
We don't hear the same song,
when i hear it I just day dream
about days long gone,
snowy sidewalks,
bicycles in the lawn,
clean air forever,
the people that i knew when i was fifteen,
and where are they now?
and when i sleep why don't i dream?
Track Name: Japanese Bonus Track
Track Name: The One That Used to Have a Wurlitzer
Short sentences to you,
i could just write the same words again.

It ends fast and starts over. lying still, movings forwards.
We aren't ones for getting it right and forgetting it all the first time.
Track Name: In Bed By
I'll slow down if you'll swing by.
It matters not who, but when.
long days, I'm in bed by ten.

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